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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Onpage Optimization

I am discussing about link building in this blog. But before building links we must do on-page optimization. You should learn some theories to do optimization or you can use a free tool to get the work done.

Let me show you a nice tool.

You have to enter your URL and targeted keyword. Now lets see the results.

This is a handy tool for people who have less knowledge in SEO. You can refer following link to get more info about the tool and the author.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Link suggestion Tool

Link suggestion tools are very useful for link building. These tools will helps you to determine ways of getting related links your site. Some links may one way links while others may from link exchange. You should not totally depend on these tools. You should also try competitor link analysis. It will help you to determine the reason behind success of your competitor.

Here I would like to give you small introduction about following link suggestion tool.

Link Suggestion Tool

Link Suggestion Tool from SEO BOOK

Now here you have to use targeted keywords. And now here is the results.

Link Suggestion tool

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lesson from Eric

We all should learn from professionals in the Field. Eric Ward is considered as the father of link building. Lets learn some lessons from him.

Father of Link Building, Eric Ward

Outbound link checker.

When you are getting a link to your site, it us very important to know how many outbound links are currently on other site. You can use following tool to find it out.

Outbound link checker

Outbound link checker

Best incoming links.

In general more links from other websites pointing to your site is better. But some links may add more value to your site while others don't.

For example think that you were recommended by American president while recommended by your neighbor. Whose recommendation is the best ? Definitely it is from president.
Likewise all incoming links to your site are adding different values to your site.

The best links are from pages that;
1. Highly related to your contents.
2. Has high Google PR.
3. Have few outbound links.
4. From an authoritative site.
5. From a quality site.

Disadvantges of reciprocal links exchange

I would like to list below some disadvantages of reciprocal links exchange.

1. Time and effort is higher than one-way link building practices.
2. If we exchange links with bad neighbor, our site may get penalized.
3. Good neighbor may become bad in future and put us in trouble.
4. Link exchange partner may remove our link without our knowledge while we still link back.
5. Search engines discourage link exchange.

Ways for one-way links.

1-Submit your sites to directories. Try to more focus on major directories like Yahoo & DMOZ.
2-Create website with unique,useful and interesting contents which will give free natural links.
3-Write interesting article and submit them to article publishing sites.
4-Join forums and participate in discussions. Place your URL & anchor text as the signature.Try this site to get forum links.
Get forum links
5-Do blog commenting and place your URL & anchor text. Try to focus on high PR blogs.
6-Give away free ebooks and white papers that contains your URL.
7-Create a blog for your site.
8-Social bookmark your site. Give an option to bookmark your pages.
9-Join and participate in social networking sites and post your URL.

One way link explained

One-way links are links to your site which in return do not receive link from your site.
One-way links gives a strong message to search engines that your site is valuable, so that other sites voluntary speak about your site.

One major advantage of one-way links are that they are easy to get. One-way links directly promote link popularity. Google consider link popularity as a vital factor to determine SERP.

Since there are lot of free ways to get one way links, you can target on relevant sites and get more referral traffic. Google webmaster guide discourages reciprocal links. So its always effective to get one-links as much as possible.

How to Check your current SERP ?

We have to monitor our site SERP continuously to ensure high ranking. Links must be built continuously to ensure stable SERP.
There are lot of free tools available to check SERP. I am going to present very effective tool.

Tool use to find SERP

Tool use to find SERP

How to check Backlinks with related anchor text?

It is very important to know how many backlinks a site have. Just a backlink without a "Anchor text" is giving lesser value for SERP.
So we should always check backlinks with their respective "Anchor Text".

I am using following tool to find my backlinks.

Backlinks watching tool

Now lets see the results.

Backlinks watching tool

The miserable failure –Googlebomb

The term “miserable failure” is a great example to demonstrate power of anchor text. This was happened late 2003 aimed at the biography page of George W Bush ( If someone Search for the term “miserable failure” it went to biography page of George W Bush. But page does not include the words “miserable” or failure within the code.

It was a group attempt who used the strength of anchor text to influence SERP.

What is Anchor text ?

Anchor text is a visible text of a hyper link.
Eg: Effective Link Building services

Anchor text is one of the most discuss topic in SEO and worth discussing.

HTML code of the same is as follows:

Anchor text is a vital factor effecting SERP. Goolge bombing is the easiest example to prove this.

How content help SERP ?

I am going give you an example to prove how Contents helps link Building.
Let us do a search query on Google for term "forum link building" . You can see that competition is around 19,000,000.

Let us take for example which is listed on 1st page.

Google Title :Advanced Forum Link Building

Now shall we count backlinks for this site. You can use Check Back Links . I have listed this site under "Link Building Resources".
By using the tool we can see that there are only 217 backlinks available for this site which is very low comparing to other sites.

Now just visit the site and see the contents. You can see that this site is rich with unique contents which helps them to get better rank.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Relationship between SEO and link building.

I have describe SEO and link building in previous posts. But why we are so concerned about link building. Because link building is a vital factor for SEO.

“Content is the king” then why Link Building ?

Search engine appreciate unique contents. So they will always give high rank for contents rich sites. But if you are selling “Mineral Water” what content will be available for you to boast. You are just a seller out of million sellers who sells an identical product.
If every one is selling same product how come one sites get better rank. Lots of factors will effect but one major role will be played by “Backlinks” which can be refer as “recommendation” or “Vote” from others.

So ultimately a site which has more backlinks will get high rank.

What is SEO ?

SEO (search engine optimizer) refers to the process improving natural and targeted traffic from search engine to your site.
Its just not a process of getting search engine traffic. It is art of getting targeted traffic ultimately lead to a sale.

What is Link Building ?

It is a process of getting other websites to link to your web site. It can be simple identified as getting a vote from others to your website in order to improve search engine ranking.
Link building techniques can include getting free links, buying links, reciprocal linking, or entering barter arrangements.
You can get natural links and artificial links.
Natural links – Other sites themselves add links to our site.
Artificial – We build links spending our time and money.