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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Onpage Optimization

I am discussing about link building in this blog. But before building links we must do on-page optimization. You should learn some theories to do optimization or you can use a free tool to get the work done.

Let me show you a nice tool.

You have to enter your URL and targeted keyword. Now lets see the results.

This is a handy tool for people who have less knowledge in SEO. You can refer following link to get more info about the tool and the author.


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  2. Hi, thank you for share this info
    I have check my page with, and the result is good, but I have to make some improvement

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  3. It is a cool checker tool. Your blog contains pretty handy articles and I wish you could update your posts here... or did you move to another address?

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  4. On page optimization are done internally of your web site or blog site, you just to be more aware that your site need to pass in a w3 to help it to be easily crawl and index by the search engine.

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