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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Forum Signature Links

Forum signature links can be effectively used to build backlinks. It helps to increase your SERP. Also it gives referral traffic as a bonus.

What are the benefits of forum backlinks ?
1.Forum backlinks helps to increase SERP.
If you are not sure, just check backlinks for this blog. 90% backlinks are forum signature links.

2.It attracts huge referral traffic.

3.You can target any anchor text and deep link.

4.Your links will be ready immediately with the post. Some link building methods require time to approve the link.

Some webmasters effectively use forum links as a referral traffic method.

Why forum signature attracts more referral traffic than any other link building method?

Blog Comment Vs Forums

Blog owner or the author is posting threads. You can only comment on the blog post. So the author gets 90% attention. You will rarely get attention from the user and get a click.

But in forums, thread starter can answer questions; you can reply and demonstrate your skills. So use is motivated to click on your signature.

Article Vs Forums.

Article can attract traffic. But generally articles will cover comprehensive details on a topic. So the users do not need to click author bio for further details.
But in forums, you will give a simple answer and user will click on your signature to know more about you and the answer.

Directory submission Vs Forums

User will rarely click a link in a directory. Nowadays most users addicted to search engines to locate a website.

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  2. One thing about signature links though, some forums are actually a bit strict about hyperlinks on signatures so you just have to be more patient about it.

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